Airbus A380 is a European-made wide-bodied jet airliner made by Airbus. Introduced in 12.2007(in-game time), it is the biggest passenger aircraft in the world, carrying a maximum of up to 800 passengers, and up to 154 tons for the freighter version.


  • Use this aircraft for high demand routes only, stop over routes is recommended.
  • Higher seats for first and business class is recommended.
    • Seat count recommendation
      1. 401/80/12   for medium range routes
      2. 327/110/12 for long range routes
  • Do not open the competition route while the competitor using A380. Except for high demand routes. 
  • Watch out for the aircraft value depreciation(check the table bellow).
  • Prepare the routes with 747-400 before A380 introduced, when that routes got 100% occupancy you can replace it with A380 otherwise replace it with 777-300 or 747-8i .


There are two variants of A380 family:

  • A380-800
  • A380F

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