Here is a spreadsheet program analyzing every available aircraft in AT(O).


Authors: Alvin, ecstrac, Jeremy Wong, Albert Tong

Everyone who wants to work in the analyzes part can sign up by leaving a comment below and attaching your gmail. Appreciate.

Version History

Passenger! Version 2.0403D is out, please note that the macroscopic rating is only half-done.

☀Completed Average Speed Rating.

Cargo! Version 1.04 is out, only factual data is available.

To be Done

So far we still need to find a working-in-all-cases formula of maximum flight schedules.

In the future, a 10%First Class-20%Business class-70%Economy class configuration will be included.

Price-per-Seat information will also be included if someone can help gathering more information

We can add some airports description in the last spreadsheet. (Maybe Overhauled later)

The formula calculating the expenses will be slowly finished.


Fuel Efficiency will be depicted with a video, will be out before 21/12/2015. I am a man of my word :)

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