Alexandria is the second largest city in Egypt. Its ratings for tourism and business usually range from 200-300.


Alexandria is less competitive than Cairo, but its good ratings make it an ideal place to start. Alexandria is located in a strategic location, being able to make flights to Europe and Africa, and potentially Asia and North America if long-ranged aircraft are used. The best planes to use here are medium sized planes, but large planes can be used on flights to major cities, and small planes can be used on regional flights to cities with low ratings. The best routes out of Alexandria is, as with most cities, monopolized flights to lukewarm cities, as they often generate a higher profit than routes to large cities with boatloads of competition. Both passenger and cargo routes have high productivity. The Airbus A300 and Boeing 777 can both potentially be used here.

Alexandria's default airport will usually not get upgraded beyond a status of level 6, so buying this airport is strongly discouraged. Additional airports are not needed here, so any airline who values credits and cash should not build an airport here, unless they wish to privatise it for their own use. 

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