Amman is the capital of Jordan and is located in the western part of the Middle East. It has meager tourism/business ratings, usually ranging from 100 to 150. 


The default airport in Amman is Queen Alia International Airport (AMM).


Queen Alia International Airport almost never progresses from Level 3 to 4 airport. It is a good location for begininers and experienced players to start a hub in this city as it is profitable, especially with routes to large cities (e.g. LondonParis) where you almost always have a monopoly.

In terms of competition, the city can not sustain any competition so to avoid losing money, it is best to close any routes where you are not making as much as your competitor. If they, however, hold less than a 20% satisfaction rating, compete, by all means!

Opening a second or third airport here will be an utter waste since they will almost never be used. However if you want to privatize it, that's fine but an awful waste of precious credits.

Small planes are not recommended for this airport. The Boeing 737 series is recommended for nearby routes (e.g. JeddahAthens, Dubai). You can use large planes like the Boeing 747 for long-distance routes (e.g. TokyoHong Kong, New York). 

Every continent except Oceania can be reached from Amman with long-distance aircraft. Oceania will become possible with stopovers in cities like Abu DhabiNew Delhi. Oceania (Perth, Sydney) will be eligible for nonstop flights with introduction of longer range aircraft in the 1980s.

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