The Antonov An-24 is a twin turboprop transport aircraft designed in 1957 and manufactured in the Soviet Union by the Antonov Design Bureau. First flown in 1959, over 1,000 An-24s were built and 880 are still in service worldwide with a total of 297 Antonov An-24 aircraft in airline service, as of May 2010. There are plenty passenger and transport variants, but only one cargo variant is available in the game. === Variants ===
There is only one variant of An-24 in game. Class: Cargo Maximum Payload: 10 tons Range: 2761 km Fuel Efficiency: 4.3 Cruise Speed: 0.37 Mach Length: 23.53 Meteres Height:8.32 Meteres Wing Span: Price: $20,000K Engines: Introduced: 1962.01 Production End: 1979.12 == Strategy == The AN-225's poor fuel efficiency, speed and capacity make the plane a poor choice compared to other aircraft available such as the B727-100QF/200F but it's cheap cost makes it good for starting the foundation of an airline going until it can afford better aircraft.After this, the AN-24 can only be profitable on short, monopolised cargo routes as it's satisfaction quickly degrades after a few years of it's release as newer aircraft come out.