The Antonov An-70 is a medium-range four-engine cargo aircraft developed by by Ukraine's Antonov design bureau. As of October 2014, 2 prototypes have been built. Unfortunately, one of the prototypes have been involved in a mid-air collisions on its fourth flight on 10 February 1995. The plane is powered by propfans, giving it a USP. This is also the reason the aircraft is available throughout the channel once it has began.


In the game, as expected, there is only one variant of the An-70 available.

The Antonov An-70

Class: Cargo

Maximum Payload: 34 tons

Range: 5000 km

Fuel Efficiency: 5.8

Cruise Speed: 0.61 Mach

Length: 41.0 m

Height: 16.4 m

Wing Span: 44.1 m

Lifespan: 20 years

Price: 71,000 k

Power-plants (engines): 4 ZMKB Progress D36 turbofans

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