Astana is a medium sized city located in Kazakhstan. The city is the capital of Kazakhstan and has moderate tourism and business ratings that ranges from between 100 and 200. The city will host the 2017 World Exhibition which will greatly boost the tourism in the city and increase the number of travellers in and out of the city during the three months of the event.


The default airport here is Astana International Airport (TSE).


Astana has potential to be a great alternative when flying in from a large city, but this fact is relatively unknown. This keeps competition to a minimum, which can be handled, although barely, by the city. If competition does, though unlikely, get too intense (i.e 2 or more players), then it is advisable to close the route. Astana is strategically located between Asia and Europe, which allows plenty of profitable flights in the cities (e.g. Amsterdam, Moscow, Beijing and Hong Kong) between the two continents. Routes to cities in Africa (e.g. Cairo and Tripoli) are also possible and recommended. Beginners are, however, advised to consider this place carefully and not to act hastily as Astana tends works better as a destination rather than as a hub due to its lower ratings compared to other medium sized cities.

Astana International Airport often does not get upgraded beyond its initial status of level 2 and even if it does, its status would never go beyond a level 3. For this reason, players are advised not to buy this airport from the national government as the profits from the airport will be limited. This lack of slot demand from airlines will also make any second airports to be unnecessary. As such, constructing any additional airports in the city is highly not recommended.

Long ranged flights to this city is possible, but it is best to avoid using aircraft that are very high-priced, due to these planes having high depreciation rates. Inexpensive options such as the Lockheed L-1049, Douglas DC-8 and the Boeing 737 are better choices. When flying to large cities, airlines are advised to use medium capacity aircraft such as the Boeing 787, Airbus A310 and the Lockheed L-1011. Flights to small and medium sized cities should be serviced by small capacity planes such as the Bombardier CRJ Family, Boeing 737 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Family. Large capacity planes are generally not recommended for flights to Astana due to their high maintenance costs which can significantly increase depreciation of an airline.

A player can take advantage of 2017 World Exhibition in order to boost revenue by adding temporary planes and/or raising prices on passenger flights to and out Astana during the three months of the event.

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