Atlanta is a large city located in the eastern portion of USA. As an important financial and cultural centre in the United States, the city has very high business ratings that often go above 300. Tourism ratings are much higher and commonly go beyond 500 and above. Atlanta will host the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and tourist numbers going in and out of the city will sky-rocket in the month of the Games.


Atlanta is one of the most famous cities in the game and it is very easy to find players establishing their first hub in this city as soon as a new game is starting. When airlines in the city expand, route connections in and out of the city will be very dense. This leads to fierce and intense competition among players. Routes with more than 5 players from Atlanta to another large city is not unheard of. While the city can cope with this massive competition, beginner players are advised to stay away from this airport as a first hub as the extreme price war will make it near impossible for them to maintain profitable and sustainable routes which can contribute to the growth of an airline value.

Atlanta does have one major advantage for players running operations out of here. The city is strategically located so players can fly to many large cities around the world such as cities in North America (e.g. New York and Los Angeles) , South America (e.g. Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires) and Europe (e.g. London and Amsterdam). With the appropriate long ranged planes, flights to Asia (e.g. Beijing and Tokyo) are also possible. However, the best routes out of this city are usually the ones to middle sized cities such as Vancouver, Lisbon, Panama, Anchorage and Luxembourg (Luxembourg is a great city for cargo routes) as players are more likely to maintain a monopoly over these routes and thus make more cash compared to connections to huge cities where the competition is intense and this limits revenue for the airline.

Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Intentional Airport will often attain maximum slot usage around 10 to 15 years into the game due to a very high demand for slots. This makes the airport a very good choice to buy over from the national profits due to the great profits that are available to whoever owns it. The excessive demand also means additional airports are necessary and can be built by a player or by the national government. Players are recommended to build second or third airports here to cater to the excessive demand and reap profits from the airport at the same time.

This city receives huge compatibility on most routes and many players will try to take advantage of this by opening a flight as soon as possible. When flying to medium or large cities for passenger or cargo operations, use of large capacity planes with a high satisfaction and of any range are recommended. Great examples include the Airbus A380, Boeing 747, Airbus A330, Boeing 777 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. Flights to small sized cities are best serviced by medium capacity planes such as the Boeing 757, Airbus A300, and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10. Small capacity planes are not recommended due to one plane being unable to satisfy demand on a single route. This will mean multiple planes being needed to fly the same route and increasing depreciation on the airline.

A player can take advantage of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games to boost profits by adding temporary planes and/or increasing the ticket prices during the month of the Games.

Airport Data
Airport Name Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport
Business 300-500
Tourism 350-600
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