Auckland is a medium sized city located in New Zealand. It has relatively low to moderate business ratings of around 100 to 150, but have a slightly better tourism rating that range from between 150 to 200.


The default airport here is Auckland International Airport (AKL).


This city is one of the worst places to start in. Cities in New Zealand are some of the most isolated locations on earth and this makes connecting to other cities very difficult as much needed long range aircraft are very limited in variety in the first few years of the game. Hence, players, especially begineers, are advised not to start here. Competition here is scarce, but the city can barely sustain any form of competition. If a competitior is present, consider suspending the route if the profits cannot cover the depreciation.

Auckland International Airport rarely ever achieves a status beyond level 3. Due to this, purchase of the airport should be avoided as there are plenty of better alternatives elsewhere. Additional airports are unnecessary due to low demand for slots. Hence, players should not construct second or third airports in this city.

Aircraft like the Boeing B747 or Airbus A380 are generally unsuitable for routes to this city. It's moderate tourism rating makes the usage of very large aircraft not viable unless flying in from very large cities like Beijing or Kuala Lumpur. The only feasible cargo routes to this city are from and to SydneyMelbourne and/or Perth only as other larger cities require cargo planes that have a range of more than 8,000km (5,000 miles). Such planes are often too large and expensive to operate for a city with a low business rating. One good, but not very well known, use of this city is as a stopover between cities in Asia and South America, although this kind of routes usually require aircraft that have a range of at least 10,000km (6,200 miles). Examples include the Airbus A340 and the Boeing 777. However, these planes are usually only available in the 1970s and after.

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