Beijing (formerly known as Peking) is a large sized city located in eastern China. It has very high business and tourism ratings that range from between 300 to 450 each. The tourism ratings are usually higher than the business ratings. The city will host the 2008 Summer Olympics and passenger travel during this period will rise greatly during the month of the games.


Beijing is strategically located position in East Asia allows it to be connected to cities in South-east Asia (e.g. Singapore and Bangkok), Middle East (e.g. Dubai and Kuwait), Europe (e.g. Istanbul and Frankfurt) and, with appropriate long ranged planes, North America (e.g. San Francisco and Las Vegas). This, coupled with Beijing's high ratings, attract many players to start and make flights out of here. As a result, competition can become very intense, especially routes to large cities. Although the city can sustain it, beginners are advised not to start here. Often, the better routes out of Beijing are usually the monopolised routes to medium sized cities like Nagoya, Cebu, and Kota Kinabalu as these flights usually make more money than routes to large cities with many competitors.

Beijing Capital International Airport often will achieve maximum slot usage within 10 to 15 years into the game due to a very high demand of slots in the city. Additional airports will be needed to alleviate this issue and the status of these airports often will be as high as a level 6 or 7, sometimes a level 8 is also possible. Hence, Buying and building airports in Beijing are a strongly recommended option of all players as there are huge profits available for the owners of the airports here.

Like many major cities, the ideal planes needed to fly to most large cities, with or without competitors for cargo and/or passenger operations, usually should have a high satisfaction and a large capacity. Great examples include the Airbus A380, Boeing 747 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11. For flights to small and medium sized cities, medium capacity aircraft like the Boeing 767, Airbus A300, Ilyushin IL-96 and the McDonnell Douglas DC-10 are recommended. Small capacity planes are not recommended as the huge number of passengers and cargo coming out and into Beijing will very easily overwhelm these planes. This will lead to multiple planes being required to service the route and, hence, increased depreciation.

A player can take advantage of the 2008 Summer Olympics by adding temporary extra planes and/or raising prices on routes flying into and out of Beijing to boost income during the month of the Games.

Beijing CAH.png
Vital statistics
Airport Name Beijing Capital International Airport
Runway 3 18L/36R, 18R/36L, and 01/19
Business 300-450
Tourism 300-450
Airport Chart Via Google Drive
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