Belize City is a small sized city located in Belize. It is the largest in the country and the only city from Belize represented in the game. The city has very low business and tourism ratings that usually range from 50 to 120 each. The business ratings are often slightly higher than the tourism rating. Belize City is one of the few cities to receive the "Rising Tour Destination" News Report and its ratings will rise shortly afterwards.


The default airport here is Belize City Municipal Airport (TZA).


In the game, a player could, in theory, land aircraft as large as the Airbus A380 and Boeing 747 at the airport. In real life, Belize City Municipal Airport has only one very short concrete runway that is about 550m long, too short to accommodate most airliners shown in the game. The airport is mostly used to handle domestic flights. Belize City's main airport is actually Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport and its IATA code is BZE. This airport handles international flights and has a runway long enough to accommodate most planes shown in the game.


Belize City is often never flown to by many airlines due to its very low ratings. Competition is non-existent, do not expect the city to be able to handle any if competitors pour in. Despite the city being in a rather good spot to create flights to large cities in North America (e.g. Mexico City, Houston and New York) and South America (e.g. Lima, Santiago and Buenos Aires), profits will be very limited and operations, cargo or passenger, are often not sustainable in the long run, especially during an economic crisis. Long ranged routes from and to the city are not recommended due to the high cost of procuring planes that can fly a long distance and the limited revenue will make such options very infeasible. Hence, beginners are not advised to make this city their first hub as the restricted income will stun the growth of budding airlines.

Belize City Municipal Airport is often empty and usually does not get upgraded beyond its initial status of level 1. The lack of demand of slots also makes any additional airports fruitless and impractical. Hence, players should never consider building or buying any airports in Belize City if they value the limited credits they have.

Because of the low business ratings, players should minimise the number of first and business class seats on their passenger planes when flying to or from the city. When flying to large cities for cargo or passenger operations, players should use small to medium capacity planes such as the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8, Airbus A320 and the Tupolev Tu-154. Flights to small or medium sized cities should only utilise small capacity planes like the Boeing 737, Bombardier CRJ Family and the Comac ARJ. Avoid all large capacity planes on all routes to Belize City in order to minimise depreciation caused by high maintenance costs from these aircraft.

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