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The Boeing 737 is a short to medium haul commercial aircraft introduced in 1967. The jet proved itself to be a very popular aircraft and is widely used to this day and it's the most produced civilian jet plane, with over 10,000 units produced until this day. As this is a very popular aircraft, it is also a Recommended Aircraft.

B737 Original

<tabview> Boeing 737/737-100|737-100| Boeing 737/737-200|737-200 Boeing 737/737-200F|737-200F </tabview>

B737 Classic

<tabview> Boeing 737/737-300|737-300 Boeing 737/737-300F|737-300F Boeing 737/737-400|737-400 Boeing 737/737-500|737-500 </tabview>

B737 Next Generation

<tabview> Boeing 737/737-700|737-700 Boeing 737/737-700F|737-700F Boeing 737/737-800|737-800 Boeing 737/737-900|737-900 Boeing 737/737-900F|737-900F </tabview>

B737 Max

<tabview> Boeing 737/737-7|737-7 Boeing 737/737-7F|737-7F Boeing 737/737-8|737-8 Boeing 737/737-9|737-9 Boeing 737/737-9F|737-9F Boeing 737/737-10|737-10 </tabview>