The Boeing 747 is an American-made, long-range, four-engined, wide-bodied commercial aircraft that is made by Boeing. It is probably one of the most well-known airplanes of all time. First introduced in 1970, many airlines have retired the type, although it is still in regular cargo service.

Its distinct characteristic include being one of the only four-engine airliners, having a “hump,” the short upper deck, and having a very large vertical stabilizer. Currently it’s newest varaint, the 747-8, is the longest airliner in the world, but soon it will be surpassed by the 777-9(X). The Boeing 777 is its successor. Although the airplane is no longer in widespread use and will be totally retired soon, the legacy of the 747 will love on forever. Because this airplane is so popular and well known, it is a Recommended Aircraft.

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