The Boeing 777 is an American-made twin-engined wide-body jet aircraft designed for long to ultra long-haul flights. It was introduced to the world in 1995 as the world's biggest twinjet, and as of today, still is. It was the first airplane that was completely designed with computer, something extraordinary at the time the 777 was Introduced. It has the largest diameter turbofans of any aircraft ever built. The next-gen series, the 777X, is set to launch in 2020 with the -8 and -9! with 259 total orders for the X series. The 777 is the best selling wide-body aircraft of all time. There are three models in game ; those are the B777-200, B777-300, and the B777-F. Actually, the specifications of the Boeing 777-200 (B777-200) shows it as the Boeing 777-200ER, while the specifications of the Boeing 777-300 (B777-300) shows it as the Boeing 777-300ER, and the specifications of the Boeing 777-F (B777-F) shows it as the Boeing 777-200.

Due the latest update in ATO 2 the game will end in 2020.1; because of that reason the Boeing 777X (777-8X & 777-9X) will only be available in AirTycoon 4 and AirTycoon 5.

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