Bratislava is a city in Slovakia. The city has low business and tourism ratings ranging between 75 and 125, sometimes dipping as low as 50.


The default airport is Bratislava Airport (BTS).


It is highly not recommended to start here, due to the low ratings, which also make demand for routes out of the city extremely low. Although there will usually be none, Bratislava cannot sustain any form of competition and players should be prepared to close routes if necessary. The city is in a very good location in Central Europe, however only rutes to large European cities (London, Istanbul, etc.) will be profitable due to its size.

Bratislava Airport is usually empty and will never get upgraded beyond Level 2 or 3. This makes additional airports in the city completely useless. Buying the airport from the national government is a terrible idea as the meager profits will not be enough to make up the cost of buying the airport.

The only planes that should be used to fly out of Bratislava are small planes such as the Airbus A320 and Boeing 737, although for flights to airports with medium-high or medium ratings (Luxembourg, Napoli, Berlin, etc.) smaller regional planes such as the Embraer E-Jet should be used. Do not use large planes as they will always be running low occupancy and will depreciate value.

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