Cairo is a large city located in Egypt in the Middle East. Tourism and business ratings range from 200-350 in most games.


The default airport is Cairo Int'l Airport (CAI).


Cairo's high ratings make it a good place to fly to, however due to it's high ratings, there is heavy competition in the city. Altough the city can sustain it, it is advised not to start here. Generally, it is better to operate monopoly routes to medium sized cities such as Tripoli and Kuwait over operating competition routes to big cities such as London or Amsterdam.

Cairo will usually achieve maximum slot usage within 15 to 25 years into the game. This makes it a great choice to buy from the national government, especially during the Economic Crisis. Additional airports are best left to the national government as they generally will not achieve a status beyond level 4 or 5.

Large planes should be used to send passengers between Cairo and other large cities. For routes to smaller mid sized cities, medium planes such as the Boeing 757 are recommended. It is not recommended to fly small planes out of the city as 2 are needed to carry all the passengers and will increase their rate of depreciation.

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