Calgary is a small to medium sized city. It has low to medium ratings that range from between 120 and 180. Business and Tourism ratings are generally the same.


The default airport name is "Calgary Int'l Airport" (YYC).


Calgary is generally not a good place to start your airline due to its mediocre ratings. The city location is slightly disadvantageous, due to the lack of locations available to the north, although there are many good connections to the east and south. It is generally best to fly monopoly routes to major cities such as Los Angeles, Chicago and Toronto. These can easily achieve full occupancy.

Calgary Int'l Airport will usually not attain a status greater than level 4 or 5. As such, buying the airport from the national government is not a good choice. Additional airports are not worth it and are a waste of cash and credits.

It is generally best to fly small sized airplanes from Calgary such as the Airbus A320 or McDonnell Douglas MD-80. For local routes, regional planes such as the Embraer E-Jet should be used. Large planes are discouraged as they will not be filled and empty seats make no money at all.

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