Cape Town is a medium to large sized city in South Africa. Located at the southernmost tip of Africa, it has moderate business and tourism ratings that may range between 150 to 280 or higher each.


The default airport here is Cape Town International Airport (CPT).


Starting here is strongly not recommended, especially for beginners. It's isolated location and lack of good cities nearby means expensive long range aircraft is a must and this can slow down growth of an airline early on in the game. However, it still remains a popular city to fly to and is functions well as a stopover between Asian to North or South American cities. Flights from Cape Town to other smaller African cities (e.g Johannesburg and Nairobi) can generate profits but the profits are usually quite small and things can quickly go south when an economic crisis hits. It's isolation also makes running cargo operations here difficult and generally not worth it as the variety of long ranged cargo aircraft are limited in the game.

Cape Town International Airport usually will not attain a status beyond a level 4 or 5 due to it's unpopularity as a hub with many players. Since the primary airport is more than enough to meet the slot demands in this city, additional airports are rendered pointless. Therefore, buying over the national airport or building a second airport are not recommended to any players.

Long range aircraft here are necessary to run profitable operations here. Other features that are important also include having high satisfaction and a medium capacity. Examples include the Tupolev Tu-114, Ilyushin IL-62, Boeing 767 and the Lockheed L-1011. Flights to smaller African cities should be limited to small capacity planes like the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and the Bombardier CSeries. Cargo planes used should be of small to medium capacity with a medium to long range capabilities and good examples include the Airbus A310F and the Boeing 767-300F.

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