Casper is a small city located near the central portion of the United States. The city has very low business and tourism ratings that never go above 100 each.


The default airport here is Casper/Natrona County International Airport (CPR).


With ratings that is so low to the point that almost all flights are very difficult to make a good profit out of, Casper is always devoid of scheduled flights from any airlines. While the location is rather good as connections can be made to many large cities in North America (e.g. Toronto, Washington, Miami and Mexico City), once these cities are connected, routes to other large cities in other continents such as Europe and South America will require long range aircraft, which are expensive and not worth for a low rated city like Casper. While the city cannot sustain any sort of competition, it is non-existent and not a cause of concern for players making flights to or out of the city. However, players, especially beginners are advised to stay away from Casper as a hub due to the low ratings making it very problematic in trying to operate sustainable and profitable routes, passenger or cargo, especially during an economic crisis.

Casper/Natrona County International Airport is often empty and can never get upgraded beyond its initial status of level 1. This makes it an option in which players should never consider when it comes to buying national airports as there are very little to no profits to be made for 60 credits. Additional airports are also rendered useless as there are almost no demand for slots in the city and, thus, players must also not entertain the thought of building any airports in Casper unless they wish to privatise it for personal use.

The best routes out of Casper are usually the ones to large cities as these flights stand the best chances to make the most money. Such flights are best serviced by small to medium capacity aircraft such as the Airbus A320, McDonnell Douglas MD-90 and the Boeing 707. When flying to small or medium sized cities, regional planes are recommended and good examples include the Bombardier Dash 8, Embraer E-Jet and the British Aerospace 146. Large capacity and expensive aircraft are to be avoided at all costs as these planes come with very high expenses and depreciation rate, in which meagre revenue from the routes in or out of Casper may not be able to cover. This leads to a negative growth of an airline.

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