The Comac ARJ21 is a Chinese short-to-medium-haul airplane. In the game (as well as in real life) the airplane is produced in two variants, namely the ARJ21-700 and ARJ21-900, the -900 being slightly longer. The design is wholly conventional for a regional jet, twin engines on the tail, a T-tail, and overwing emergency exits.


ARJ21 Family ARJ21-700 ARJ21-900
Capacity 90 (Economy only) 105 (Economy Only)
Range 3700km 3300km
Satisfaction 62% (As of 2019.11) 63% (As of 2019.11)
Price 41,000K 50,000K
Speed 0.78 Mach 0.78 Mach
Efficiency 6.9 7.0
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