Detroit is a large city located in the north-eastern portion of USA. It has very high business and tourism ratings that often exceed 300 or more each. On rare occasions, either rating may also exceed 400 or more. The tourism ratings are often higher than the business ratings.


The default airport here is Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW).


Many players tend to be attracted to Detroit's high ratings and would proceed to make this city their starting hub. This results in heavy competition between airlines when creating routes to large cities. Hence, beginners with little experience in handling competition should avoid this city as a starter hub. However, one plus point of this city is that it is able to sustain fierce competition due to its high ratings. In addition, the city is in a good position to connect to cities in west America (e.g. Los Angeles and Houston), South America (e.g. Lima and Sao Paulo) and Europe (e.g. Amsterdam and Paris). Despite all this, the best routes from and to Detroit are often the monopolised flights to medium sized cities like Hamilton, Lisbon and Panama compared to competitor filled routes to large cities as the former tend to generate more revenue compared to the latter.

Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport will often achieve maximum slot usage within 10 to 15 years into the game due to its popularity with many airlines. Hence, the airport should be a prime choice for purchase for players should the time come for them to buy over an airport from the national government. Because of the principal airport will be at maximum capacity early in the game, a second airport is usually needed. However, any additional airports will often not attain a high status and will usually go as far as a level 4 or 5 and rarely any higher. Thus, a player should only consider this city when all other alternative choices are unavailable.

For Detroit, the best planes to fend off competitors and make flights to large cities are usually the ones with high satisfaction and large capacity. Suitable examples normally consist of the Airbus A380, Boeing 747, Airbus A350 and Boeing 777. For routes to small and medium sized cities, medium capacity aircraft like the Boeing 707, Douglas DC-8 and Airbus A310 are recommended. Small capacity planes should be avoided as the huge numbers of passengers and cargo may overwhelm the capacity of the aircraft and may result in multiple planes being required to serve the route. This will lead to increased depreciation which is detrimental to any airline.

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