Doha is a medium sized city in located in Qatar, Asia. On average, Doha's ratings range from between 150 and 250 for both tourism and business. Usually, the business ratings are higher than the tourism ratings.


The default airport here is Doha International Airport (DOH).


Doha is considered an excellent hub for medium sized aircraft, due to its decent statistics, easy access into Europe and Asia, as well as the fact most routes into Doha are monopolies. Most major European cities are within range of a B707-320. Many Asian cities are also accessible with a 707. Doha is an excellent route to fly to during economic downturns, due to its cheap facilities (It rarely gets upgraded), and the ease of getting monopoly routes. Cargo operations are a more recommended option for players, especially beginners, as the higher business ratings and relative unpopularity with other similar sized cities makes this place a good city to make great profits on cargo routes.

Doha International Airport is available from the very beginning of the game to choose as a starting hub for players in AirTycoon Online as well as AirTycoon Online 2. The airport usually do not attain full capacity and it is very rare to see two airports in Doha. It is considered an excellent starting hub due to the lack of competition early on, allowing your airline to be quickly established. Later on in the game, players should consider a second hub, due to Doha's inability to sustain large aircraft services. Long haul routes out of Doha should mostly be run by B777-200's and other aircraft of similar size.

As a result of its relatively low demand, it is considered a good hub to fly medium-small sized planes (e.g Boeing 707, Airbus A300 and McDonnell Douglas DC-10) to this airport. Most routes from Doha are monopolies, and can make good profits with the right aircraft. Cargo planes used should have a small or medium capacity and this includes the Airbus A310F, Boeing 767-300F and the Boeing 737F. Large planes, cargo or passenger, should be avoided as the extra volume makes no money and will result in increased depreciation.

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