Donetsk is a small to medium sized city located in Ukraine. The city has moderate business ratings that range from between 150 and 220, but have lower tourism ratings that fall between the low range of around 50 and 150.


The default airport is Donetsk International Airport (DOK).


Due to the War in Donbass, the airport has been destroyed and is no longer operational after October 2014.


Donetsk is not very well known among many players, but the city does have some use as a cargo destination. Cargo flights are best made to large cities in order to make as much money as possible. Competition in the city is light, but do not expect the city to be able to sustain any due to its lukewarm ratings. Location-wise, it is quite good. Connections can be made to large cities in Europe (e.g. London and Amsterdam), Asia (e.g. Riyadh and Mumbai) and Africa (e.g. Cairo and Yaounde). Such routes can help players run sustainable operations in Donetsk, but planes used should not be too big as this may result in increased depreciation. During an economic crisis, the passenger route revenue may fall to dangerous levels. In such an event, the best course of action to take would be to suspend these routes, especially if competitors are present.

Donetsk International Airport usually does not get upgraded beyond its initial status of level 2 due to a weak demand for slots. These weak demand also makes additional airports pointless. As such, players are strongly advised not to buy or build any airport in the city as airports and cities with greater benefits exist elsewhere.

To get the highest income out of routes in and out of Donetsk, fly to large cities using medium capacity planes such as the Lockheed L-1011, Ilyushin IL-76 and Airbus A310. Flying to smaller cities is not strongly endorsed, but the best planes to service these routes are the small capacity types like the Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and the Antonov An-24. As mentioned earlier, large capacity planes are to be avoided as these planes come with huge maintenance costs that revenue from the routes may have trouble trying to cope. This leads to higher depreciation and slower growth for an airline.

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