Dubai is a large city located in UAE (United Arab Emirates). The city will start out with low business and tourism ratings (around 100 or less each) that gradually increases to very high levels that range from between 200 and 350 each. The business ratings are often higher than the tourism ratings. Dubai is one of the few cities to receive the "Rising Tour Destination" News Report and the ratings will increase shortly after the report.


The default airport here is Dubai International Airport (DXB).


Dubai's low initial ratings may sometimes fail to keep people (especially newbies) away from the city until the News Report. This will keep competition in the city relatively low compared with other similar cities, but this can all change after the report. Hence, players who start here should be quick to open routes as the report tends to come early in the game. Beginners can open a hub here and take advantage of the low competition to open routes. Dubai has the ability to sustain heavy competition, but players should be prepared to suspend routes should the profits be unfavourable. The city is, however, located in an excellent location in the Middle East that allows it to be connected to cities in Europe (e.g. London and Amsterdam), Asia (e.g. Kuala Lumpur and Guangzhou) and Africa (e.g. Cape Town and Cairo). With the appropriate long range planes, flights to North American cities like Toronto and Dallas becomes possible. Despite all this, if competition becomes and issue later into the game, monopolised routes to medium sized cities like Alexandria, Chengdu, Luxembourg and Saint Petersburg are all a good alternative as they can provide great profits too. With the introduction of the Boeing 747-200, flights to Oceanian cities like Sydney and Melbourne become possible and the city is a great stopover point for European-Oceanian flights. However if there are several airlines doing this to a single tri-pair of cities, it is best to close the route and move operations to a different city altogether.

Dubai International Airport will usually attain maximum slot capacity half way into the game (within 20 or 30 years). This makes the airport a good choice for purchase from the national government for any airline in the 1980s and 1990s. Although additional airports are needed once the primary airport reaches full capacity, this is best left to the national government as second or third airports would almost never achieve a status beyond a level 3 or 4.

Because the city has very high business ratings, cargo operations are very popular here. For flights to large cities, medium to large capacity planes like the Airbus A380F, Boeing 747F and the Airbus A350-900F are recommended. When flying to small and medium sized cities, medium capacity planes are advised and suitable examples include the Boeing 767-300F, Airbus A310F and the Tupolev Tu-204C. Passenger flights out of Dubai may use aircraft of any size and range as long as the satisfaction is high at the time of purchase. Of course, a bit of common sense is needed when deciding which planes are suitable for certain routes (i.e. an Airbus A380 on a flight from Dubai to a lowly rated city like Khartoum or Sana'a is definitely a terrible idea)

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