Duluth is a small city in USA. The city has low tourism and business ratings ranging around 70 to 100.


The default airport is Duluth Int'l Airport (DLH).


It isn't surprising why this airport gets very little use. Beginners and strongly discoraged from starting here due to its extremely low ratings, which will bring poor load factors. The only routes out of Duluth that will generate good load factors are routes to big cities such as Chicago using small planes such as the Boeing 737. Although there will usually be none, any competition routes here should be closed as the city cannot sustain any form of competition. Its location provides good access to major American cities, such as Detroit and Chicago.

Duluth Int'l Airport is often empty and will rarely achieve a status greater than Level 2. Buying or building airports here is a complete waste of cash and credits and should be avoided.

The best planes to fly out of this city are small planes such as the Boeing 737 or regional jets such as the Bombardier CSeries. Large planes should be avoided as they will run at low occupancy factors and will not be used to the best of their ability.

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