Fukuoka is a medium sized city in Japan. It has high tourism ratings that are usually above 200, but have moderate business ratings of around 120 to 200.


The default airport here is Fukuoka Airport (FUK).


It's good tourism ratings and location in Far-East Asia makes it a very good city to start in, even for beginners. Although the city can only sustain minimal competition, it is manageable and many profitable passenger routes are available to players.The city position can be a minor issue. Although there are plenty of great cities to connect to to the west and south west (e.g Beijing, Amsterdam and Kuala Lumpur), there are a lack of cities to the east. But this should not hinder development of an airline starting here as long range aircraft should be able to reach North American cities like Los Angeles and Vancouver with ease.

Fukuoka Airport rarely achieves a status beyond a level 5 due to its unpopularity. For this reason, purchasing the national airport is not recommended as better airports exist elsewhere at the same credit price of 60. Additional airports are also unnecessary as the primary airport is more than enough to meet the demand for slots in the city. Hence, players should not consider building second or third airports here at all.

Once long range aircraft like the Tupolev Tu-114 or Boeing 747 are on sale, routes to the USA and Europe can bring in huge profits. For routes to smaller sized cities, aircraft with a medium capacity are recommended. Examples include the Boeing 767 and the Airbus A300. Small capacity planes (e.g Boeing 737, Airbus A320, Comac C919 and Sukhoi Superjet 100) should only be used on routes to small sized cities like Yangyang and Pyongyang. Cargo operations here can be run, but make sure only small to medium sized cargo planes like the Boeing 737F and Airbus A310F are used since the city's moderate ratings on business means cargo traffic and revenue will be slightly limited.

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