Glasgow is a medium to large sized city in the UK. The city has high business ratings that have a lower limit of around 250 and can go as high as 350. As such, Glasgow is a popular city for any cargo airlines. Tourism ratings fall in the moderate range of around 100 to 200.


The default airport here is Glasgow International Airport (GLA).


Due to it's high business ratings and ideal location in Europe, this city is a popular choice to open a hub in for cargo airlines. Expect competition as the city is a popular cargo destination to fly to. It's high ratings, however, allow the city to sustain moderate competition and players can still make a decent profit with just one or two competitors around. Glasgow may also be used as a passenger hub, but it won't bring in much revenue as other medium sized cities due to it's lukewarm tourism ratings, but the lack of competition can make it the ideal place for an airlines to connect to larger cities and allow these players to monopolise the routes.

Glasgow International Airport usually does not attain a level 8 status, but it often comes close. As such, a second and a third airport are often unnecessary and hence not recommended to be built by any players. A better option would be to buy over Glasgow International Airport from the national government, but this option should only be considered when better airports like London and Paris are unavailable.

High business ratings means cargo traffic in and out of the city would be quite large. A player should utilise large capacity cargo planes like the Boeing B747F and the Airbus A380F to connect Glasgow with other large cities such as New York or Seoul. For routes to medium sized cities, recommended planes to use include the Airbus A300-600F or the Tupolev Tu-204-100C. Passenger planes used should be restricted to the small and medium capacity types like the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 or the Bombardier CRJ Family as the mild tourism ratings that limits income would make the usage of large aircraft a waste of money and may also result in increased maintenance costs and depreciation.

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