Halifax is a small sized city located in the eastern portion of Canada. The city has low business and tourism ratings that often range from between 100 and 200 each.


Halifax is a very unpopular city with many players due to the low ratings which means revenue made from routes from Halifax will be very little. It's not uncommon for the city to be devoid of any scheduled flights from airlines. While this limits competition, the ability for the city to sustain flights with competition is also limited. However, it is one of the better small sized cities in the game and with the appropriate aircraft and proper management, a player can make acceptable profits out of this city. Halifax's location also gives it another advantage in which many great connections to large cities in North America (e.g. Los Angeles, Toronto and Houston) and Europe (e.g. London, Paris and Madrid). Routes to South America are not recommended due to long ranged planes that are needed to fly to the cities in the continent, which are often not worth it for a small city like Halifax. Beginners are advised not to run operations in this city though, as it takes experience and knowledge to make operations of out of Halifax profitable and sustainable without causing much effect on company value.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is will never get upgraded beyond its initial status of level 2 due to the very poor demand for slots in the city. This also makes any secondary or tertiary airports useless in this city. Hence, players are strongly advised to not buy or build airports in this city the credits are better spent elsewhere.

Large capacity and expensive long ranged planes are not advised due to these planes coming with a high depreciation rate which is detrimental to airlines. When flying to large cities, medium capacity planes such as the Boeing 767, Airbus A310 and the Tupolev Tu-204 are recommended. Flights to small and medium sized cities are best serviced by small capacity planes like the Airbus A320, Bombardier CRJ Family and the McDonnell Douglas MD-90.


  • The airport is named after Robert Stanfield, the 17th Premier of Nova Scotia and leader of the federal Progressive Conservative Party of Canada.
  • Swissair 111 was redirected to land here, but crashed by nearby in the Atlantic.
Vital statistics
Airport Name Halifax Stanfield International Airport
Business 100-200
Tourism 100-200
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