Helsinki is a medium sized city located in Finland, Northern Europe. It has low business and tour ratings of about 100 at the start of the game but these gradually increase as the game goes on sometimes even reaching ratings of 200 and above in some games.


Helsinki, while being Finland's capital and largest city doesn't actually have an airport. It has to rely on the neighbouring city of Vantaa to provide an airport instead.


Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (HEL) is the default airport for Helsinki at the start of the game.


Helsinki, while having low ratings, is a good city for players to began at. It is in a strategic location to fly to North America and Asia as flights can take shortcuts across the Arctic. The low ratings at the start also deter many players from the city and as such, many monopoly routes to large cities (e.g Atlanta, New Delhi and Kuwait) can be made, earning good money early-game.

Helsinki's default airport (Helsinki-Vantaa) will be more than enough to cater for the routes coming into the city. The airport will rarely reach level 6 and building secondary airports/buying the national airport is not advised.

Airplanes such as the B757,B767,B787 and A310s are recommended as they have medium capacity, high satisfaction and good range. Any larger aircraft such as the B747 as Helsinki would not have enough demand to fill the seats. For shorter routes the B737/A320 families are recommended as they have high satisfaction, medium capacity and medium range, all of which suit the location and ratings of Helsinki.

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