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The Ilyshin IL-62 is Soviet long-ranged turbofan aircraft that was introduced in 1967. It is notable how the IL-62 has four engines at the rear of the fuselage, two on each side. It is the successor to the popular IL-18. It was the biggest aircraft at the time of introduction and it remained as a standard long ranged aircraft for many decades. In game, there are two variants of the IL-62.

As the first stopover-capable plane (Not on ATO3/AT5) available in-game, the Ilyushin IL-62M allows the user to claim many routes from big cities to small cities that would normally receive poor occupancy on planes such as the Douglas DC-8.


There are currently two variants, the IL-62 and the IL-62M.


The Ilyushin IL-62.

Class: Business/Economy

Maximum Capacity: 186

Range: 7550 km

Engines: Soloviev D-30KU

Fuel Efficiency: 4.8

Cruise Speed: 0.70 mach

Length: 53.1m

Height: 12.3m

Wing Span: 32.9m

Lifespan: 20 years

Price: 63,000K

Test Flight: 1963.01

Introduce: 1963.10

End of Production:  1995.06


The Ilyushin IL-62M.

Class: Business/Economy

Maximum Capacity: 186

Range: 10000 km

Engines: PowerJet SoM146

Fuel Efficiency: 5.0

Cruise Speed: 0.73 mach

Length: 53.1m

Height: 12.3m

Wing Span: 43.2m

Lifespan: 20 years

Price: 69,000K

Introduction: 1969.05

*The IL-62M removed in ATO3

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