In-app purchases are avaliable to both versions of Air Tycoon Online (Paid and Free). Of course, the in-app purchases use real money however it can help your airline in some ways. Plus, you will be helping Tradegame Lab Inc. so that more games are released. Please note that AT Online servers are monitored and in-app hacks will NOT work (you'll have to play by the rules). Currently, only credits can be purchased but half of those credits can become transferrable into in-game cash. Occasionally, Tradegame Lab will add bonus credits that come free with any purchase of credits. Credits are obtainable for free either by completing the game to 2020, and every 24 hours, you will be rewarded 1 credit.

In-App Purchases Avaliable:

Please note: All prices are in USD (US Dollars), these prices are from iTunes (Version 2.1.0) Prices may vary on Android.

Air Tycoon Online 1

Name Credits Price
Pile of Credits 65 Credits $3.00
Sack of Credits 130 Credits $5.00
Bag of Credits 286 Credits $10.00
Box of Credits 650 Credits $20.00
Trunk of Credits 1950 Credits $50.00

Air Tycoon Online 2

Name Credits Bonus Price
Pile of Credits 150 Credits 75 Credits $4.99
Sack of Credits 330 Credits 165 Credits $9.99
Bag of Credits 750 Credits 375 Credits $19.99
Box of Credits 2100 Credits 1050 Credits $49.99
Trunk of Credits 4800 Credits 2400 Credits $99.99
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