Kampala is a small sized city located in Uganda. It is the capital and the only city in Uganda represented in the game. The city has very low business and tourism ratings as both rarely exceeds 100 each. The business ratings are often slightly higher than the tourism ratings.


The default airport here is Kampala Airport (KLA).


In the game, a player can land aircraft of any kind at the airport regardless of size and range. In real life, Kampala Airport cannot handle any of the planes shown in the game. The city's main airport is actually Entebbe International Airport and its IATA code is EBB. The airport depicted in the game is actually more of an airstrip with an unpaved runway (roughly 700m long and unsuitable for any commercial use) rather than a fully furnished international airport.


Kampala is one of the most unpopular cities in the game. This is due to its very low ratings, which can get even lower during an economic crisis, and its relatively isolated position in Africa compared to other similar sized cities in Europe, Asia and North America. Although competition in this city is virtually zero, Kampala cannot sustain any form of competition should it any occur. For these reasons, beginners are advised not to open their first hub here as they may find it very difficult to develop their airline here. In order to make decent profits, airlines must attempt to make flights to large cities in Africa (e.g. Cape Town, Cairo and Monrovia) and Europe (e.g. Rome, Barcelona and Paris) and use only small capacity planes when flying to smaller cities.

Kampala Airport is almost always empty and it is usually is forever stuck at level 1. This makes the airport a very poor choice to buy over and should never be considered by any player who values credits. With slot demand being close to zero, additional airports are also futile and should also never be constructed by any player under any circumstances.

When flying to large cities, medium capacity planes such as the Boeing 767, Airbus A310 and the Tupolev Tu-154 are suitable choices. As stated earlier, use only small capacity planes such as the Boeing 737, Comac C919, Sukhoi Superjet 100 and the Bombardier CRJ Family when flying to small or medium sized cities. Large capacity aircraft should never be considered as the high maintenance costs by such planes would almost certainly negate any decent profits made from the routes and thus increasing the depreciation of an airline's company value.

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