Kansas City is small to medium city located in the central portion of USA. The city has low tourism ratings that range from between 50 and 150. Business ratings are higher and fall in the moderate range of around 150 and 250.


The default airport here is Kansas City International Airport (MCI).


Kansas City is known to be a very unpopular destination for many players to fly to, but the city does have some potential that can be of use to a player. The city can function relatively well as a cargo hub and as a passenger destination from large cities. While the city will be unable to cope with any competition, it is very light and is usually not too much of a concern. Players are, however, advised to keep out of any competition and prepare to suspend routes if the need ever arises. Kansas City is also advantageous in terms of its location in the USA. Profitable flights, especially cargo operations, can be made within cities in North America (e.g. Los Angeles, Toronto and Mexico City), South America (e.g. Lima and Caracas) and Europe (e.g. London, Madrid and Paris). Beginners are not advised to start here, however, as the lukewarm ratings does not present a very conducive environment for a tiny airline to collect profits to grow and expand.

Kansas City International Airport will usually never get upgraded beyond a level 2 or 3 due to relatively weak slot demand compared to other airports. This makes the airport a bad choice to buy over from the national government. Building airports in the city is also not endorsed as it additional airports in the city are usually unnecessary and pointless. Credits are better spent on other alternative airports.

It is a good idea to try and avoid using large capacity and expensive aircraft on all routes to and from Kansas City. The low ratings makes the use of such planes worthless and the high depreciation rate that comes with using these planes will not be able to be covered by the meagre income generated from the routes to Kansas City. Flights to large cities are best serviced by medium capacity aircraft such as the Boeing 757, Airbus A310, Tupolev Tu-204 and the Lockheed L-1011. When flying to small and medium sized cities, players are encouraged to use small capacity or regional jets such as the Bombardier CRJ Family, British Aerospace 146, Boeing 737 and the McDonnell Douglas MD-90.

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