Khartoum is a small city located in Sudan, Africa. It is the only city in the game from Sudan. Khartoum has low business ratings and tourism ratings that usually hover around 100 or less. The business ratings are often slightly higher than the tourism ratings.


The default airport here is Khartoum International Airport (KRT).


This city is a very unpopular place for players to fly to, let alone open a hub here. Low business ratings and tourism ratings mean this city should never be considered as a hub, especially for beginners. Although its location is not an issue, it has to be connected to large cities (e.g. Johannesburg and Cairo) in order to make decent profits. The city is completely free from competition, but it cannot sustain any form of competition because of its low ratings. Cargo operations here should be avoided the profits from the city will be very limited and may not be able to cover depreciation. During an economic crisis, the ratings in this city can fall below 50 each. At this point, routes, cargo or passenger, should be suspended as the profits now can never cover the depreciation of the aircraft.

Khartoum International Airport is frequently empty and can never acquire a status beyond a level 1. This also makes any additional airports a complete waste of funds and credits. For this reason, buying the the national airport or building a second airport should never be considered by any player who values credits.

For most flights out of Khartoum, the best planes are the cheap ones with small capacity (e.g. Tupolev Tu-154, Boeing 737, Bombardier CRJ Family and the F28). This is to minimise depreciation and ensure maintenance costs are kept low. The above also applies to cargo routes, although the variety of planes are more limited. Examples include the Boeing 737F, McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32F and the Antonov An-24.

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