Kingston is a medium sized city in Jamaica. It has initially low business and tourism ratings at the beginning of the game that doesn't exceed 100 each. However, it is one of the few cities that will receive the "Rising Tour Destination" News Report and both ratings will increase to about 150 to 250 after the report. On certain occasions, especially late in the game, the ratings can climb to as high as 300.


The default airport here is Norman Manley International Airport (KIN).


The airport is named in honour of Jamaican statesman, Norman Manley. Manley became one of Jamaica's leading lawyers in the 1920s and was an advocate of universal suffrage, which was granted by the British colonial government to the colony in 1944.


It's low ratings makes players uninterested in starting here. But after the news report, ratings will shoot up and people will start thinking about flying here since this is one of the better cities in the Caribbean. For this reason, if any players are thinking about flying here, it is recommended to do so as soon as the news report comes in. Both cargo and passenger routes will bring good profits, but competition can make it unworthy to continue on, so suspension of routes with competition is advisable. Long range routes can be made into this city but only routes from large cities like London and New York are recommended. Cargo routes can also be run here as Kingston's location allows connections to highly rated North American cities (e.g Houston and Los Angeles) and South American cities (e.g Lima and Sao Paulo).

Norman Manley International Airport rarely is attains a status beyond a level 4 or 5. Due to this, it is not recommended for any players to buy over this airport from the national government. Since the primary airport is already sufficient to meet the demands for slots in this city, any additional airports will be rendered useless and, hence, should not be considered for construction by any player at all.

For flights to and from large cities, medium capacity aircraft like the Airbus A310, Boeing 757 and Lockheed L-1011 are recommended for such routes. Smaller capacity planes should be used on flights to smaller cities and suitable planes include the Boeing 727, McDonnell Douglas DC-9 and the Airbus A320. Cargo planes used in this city should have small to medium capacities of any range. Suitable examples include the Airbus A310F, Boeing 737F and the McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32F. Large aircraft should be avoided as the extra volume is unnecessary and usage of these planes often jack up maintenance costs and depreciation.

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