Kuwait is a large city-state located in the Middle East. Bordered by Iraq and Saudi Arabia, the city has high business ratings that regularly exceed 300. Tourism levels are slightly lower and range around 150 to 220.


The default airport here is Kuwait International Airport (KWI).


Being a city with high business ratings, cargo operations here are quite common. It's location in the middle east makes this city an ideal location any operations as the city can connect with Asian cities (e.g. Seoul and New Delhi) as well as European cities (e.g. London and Rome) . The city can also sustain heavy competition for cargo routes, but may not be so for passenger routes. Like many cities, routes out of Kuwait are best kept monopolised.

Kuwait International Airport can attain maximum slot usage, but this tends to happen after 1980 or 1990. This makes the airport an option for any players seeking to purchase a national airport during that time period. Despite the popularity and strategic location, a second airport is often unnecessary as the status of the airport will likely not go beyond a level 3. Hence, building additional airports should not be considered unless a player wants to privatise it for personal use.

Kuwait's high business ratings makes the use of medium to large capacity aircraft with high satisfaction necessary to handle the large amount of cargo coming in and out of the city. Suitable examples include the Boeing 707-320F, McDonnell Douglas DC-10-30F, Airbus A310F and even the Airbus A380-800F. Passenger aircraft used can be of any capacity and range so as long as the plane has a high satisfaction at the time of purchase.

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