Little Rock is a small sized city located in the central portion of USA. The city has very low tourism ratings that hardly exceed 100. Business ratings are higher, but are still considered low as it ranges from between 50 and 150.


The default airport here is Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport (LIT).


Little Rock is virtually unknown to many airlines in the game due to its very low ratings. This limits income for any routes to and from the city and it also makes the airport devoid of scheduled flights by many airlines. Competition is non-existent as a result, but players should be prepared to suspend routes if the need arises, although having a competitor on the same route as the player's is highly unlikely. To ensure sustainable operations can be run, players are advised to fly to only large cities. Little Rock is located in a pretty good position as flights to large cities are possible in North America (e.g. Boston, Toronto, Mexico City and Los Angeles) and some cities in South America (e.g. Lima and Bogota). However, to access more of such cities, long ranged aircraft are needed to fly to cities in Europe and Asia, which are usually not worth it as these planes are costly and the returns are far too little. Beginners are advised to avoid this city as a hub and instead should seek better options.

Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport is often empty and often does not get upgraded beyond its initial status of level 2. This makes it impossible to generate any kind of useful profits from the city and the cost is very high (60 credits for purchase of a principal airport). Hence, players are strongly discouraged from purchasing the airport. Addition airports in the city also earns nothing and serves no useful purpose to anyone (except for those intending to privatise the airport for their own use) who constructed it due to an almost zero demand for slots in the city. Thus, building airports in the Little Rock is strongly not advised for any players.

Little Rock's low ratings makes it impractical for large capacity and expensive aircraft to run sustainable operations in the city due to the aircraft having high depreciation rates and routes in and out of the city having limited profits. Small to medium capacity planes are recommended for flights to large cities and good examples include the Airbus A320, Boeing 737 and the Tupolev Tu-204. Flights to small and medium sized cities are best serviced by regional jets such as the Boeing 717, Ilyushin IL-114 and Bombardier CRJ Family.


  • The airport is named after the former Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, Bill Clinton and his wife, United States Secretary of State and candidate for the 2016 Presidential elections, Hillary Clinton.
  • The airport was originally named Adams Field. Named after Captain George Geyer Adams, the airport held on to that name until 2012, when it was renamed to the Bill and Hillary Clinton National Airport.
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