Liverpool is a medium to large sized city located in the UK. The city has very high business ratings that often exceed 300 or higher, but has much lower tourism ratings that fall in the low to moderate range of 100 to 200.


The default airport here is Liverpool John Lennon Airport (LPL).


The airport was named after the famous Liverpudlian and member of the Beatles, John Lenon. The renowned singer and songwriter was murdered on December 8, 1980 in New York City by Mark David Chapman.


  • Liverpool is very popular as a cargo hub due to its very high business ratings. However, since cargo operations are usually not as well liked by many players compared to passenger routes, competition that results from this city is usually moderate at worst. In addition, Liverpool can also sustain heavy competition on cargo routes. The same cannot be said for passenger routes due to the low tourism ratings and Liverpool has problems sustaining even mild forms of passenger competition that may exist in the city. Beginners are advised to start here due to Liverpool's fantastic location in the UK as many cities are within reach of the city using short to medium ranged planes. Profitable flights can be made to cities in Europe (e.g. Moscow and Luxembourg), North America (e.g. Philadelphia and Charlotte), Africa (e.g. Monrovia and Lagos) and even Asia (e.g. Dubai and Hyderabad). Another plus point of Liverpool is cargo routes can still generate a good income despite an economic crisis. However, the impact of such a crisis on passenger routes can be disastrous, so players are advised to suspend such routes if necessary.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport will usually achieve a moderate status of around level 5 or 6 throughout most of the game's 60 years. This makes the airport a rather unfavourable choice for purchase as better airports exist elsewhere and can bring better profits. Since the primary airport is sufficient to meet the demand for slots, additional airports are rendered futile and should not be constructed by any player unless the an airline wishes to privatise for his own personal use.

High business ratings means the best cargo planes to use when flying to big cities should have a large capacity. Examples include the Airbus A380F, Boeing 747F, Boeing 777-F and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11F. For cargo flights to small and medium sized cities, medium capacity aircraft are recommended and this includes the Boeing 767-300F, Airbus A310F and the Douglas DC-8-70F. Passenger operations should only utilise small to medium capacity planes such as the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and Lockheed L-1011 when flying to any city to minimise depreciation that could be magnified when using large capacity planes.

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