The Lockheed L-1049 in real life.

The Lockheed L-1049 Constellation was an American-made narrow-body four engine piston airliner. It has long range but lower capacity, similar to the Ilyushin IL-18D, but with better efficiency and range. The real-life aircraft, known as the Constellation, was produced by Lockheed as a response to the successful Douglas DC-6 (not available in-game). It was nicknamed by pilots as the “Connie”. In the game, there is only one variant of the aircraft available, the L-1049 Constellation. The aircraft is available in ATO2/ATO3 as well as AT4/AT5.



Class: Economy

The L-1049G.

Maximum Seating: 95

Default Seating: 87

Speed: 0.45 Mach

Range: 8700km

Fuel Efficiency: 6.1

Engine*: Wright R-3350 972-TC-18DA-1 radial

Length: 35.42m

Height: 7.54m

Wing Span: 38.47m

Price: $32,000k

Lifespan: 20 years

Introduction: 1960.01

End : 1967.01

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