Los Angeles is a large city located in the western part of USA. The city has very high business and tourism ratings that often exceed 300 or more each. The business ratings are normally higher than the tourism ratings. The city will host the 1984 Summer Olympic Games and Los Angeles will experience a large increase in passenger traffic into and out of the city during the month of the Games.


The default airport here is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).


Due to its high ratings, this city is a popular place to start in for many players. This causes massive competition, which makes it rather difficult to make a decent profit. In terms of location, Los Angeles is not in a very strategic position. Although there is an abundance of great cities to the east like New York and London, there are virtually no cities to fly to in the west except for Honolulu and Kona. Unless one is very experienced in the game, players should avoid making this place as their first hub. Cargo operations also follow the same recommendations as above.

Due to the city's popularity, Los Angeles International Airport can attain level 8 status within 20 or 30 years into the game. A second airport (sometimes a third) would normally be built by players. However, due to the city having not as many routes as other better strategically positioned cities, the additional airports usually will not be able to attain a level 7 or 8 status. Hence, it is not recommended to build an airport here if the player is seeking to achieve a slot usage capacity of over 2000.

Like many high level cities, the best passenger planes are the ones that have the highest satisfaction and ferry the most passengers. Examples include the Boeing 747 and the Airbus A380. With the appropriate long range planes (usually planes with a range of over 10,000 km) like the Airbus A330 and Boeing 777, a player can try to fly to Asian cities like Seoul and Hong Kong. Small capacity planes should be avoided as more than one plane may be needed for the routes, which can cause depreciation to shoot up. However small planes to destinations with >100 ratings (both business/tourism) will bring in meager profits. For cargo routes, any aircraft will fit as long as the satisfaction of the plane is high at the time the plane is purchased.

A player can take advantage of the 1984 Summer Olympics by adding temporary aircraft and/or raising prices to passenger routes in and out of the city to boost income during the month of the Games.

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