Lusaka is the capital and the largest city located in Zambia, Africa. Lusaka is the only city in the game from Zambia. Classified as a small city, Lusaka has low business and tourism ratings that range from between 50 and 150.


The default airport here is Lusaka International Airport (LUN).


In real life, the airport has been renamed to Kenneth Kaunda International Airport in 2011 in honour of Zambia's first president, Kenneth Kaunda.


Due to the low ratings, players would often not think of flying here, let alone open a hub. Besides limited profits, Lusaka is in a rather isolated geographical location as rich cities in Europe (e.g. Frankfurt, Madrid and Rome) require medium to long range planes to get to and there are few good cities to connect to within the African continent itself (e.g. Monrovia and Cape Town). One plus point for this city is the lack of competition and if managed correctly, an airline can flourish while making routes out of Lusaka. However, players should bear in mind that Lusaka cannot sustain any kind of competition. For these reasons, beginners are advised not to start here. During an economic crisis, the ratings can sometimes fall to levels below 50 each. This should be a signal for players to suspend routes as the profit may now never be enough to cover the depreciation of the planes.

Lusaka International Airport will often remain empty or used by a couple of airlines for the entire course of the game. This prevents the airport from being upgraded to higher status. The lack of demand for slots also makes any additional airport in this city futile. Hence, players should never consider building or buying airports in this city as much better options exist elsewhere.

If players opt to fly to Lusaka for cargo or passenger operations, the best planes are the small capacity type like the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and the Lockheed L-1049 the when flying to other small to medium sized cities. For flights to large cities, medium sized planes are recommended and good examples include the Boeing 767, Airbus A310, Ilyushin IL-62 and the Lockheed L-1011. Large capacity planes should be avoided in this city as the extra volume makes no money and the maintenance costs will exceed the profit on the route. This results in increased depreciation that is harmful for any airline.

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