Male is a small to medium sized city located on a chain of islands in the Maldives. The city has moderate to high tourism ratings that range from between 150 to 250. Business ratings, however, fall in the low range that rarely exceed 100.


The default airport here is Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (MLE).


The airport was known as Hulhule Airport when it first opened in 1960 as a simple airstrip on the island of Hulhule. When it was upgraded to a fully equipped international airport, the airport was renamed to Male International Airport. On 26 July 2011, Male' International Airport was officially renamed as the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport in memory of Ibrahim Nasir, the 2nd President of the Maldives and the founder of the airport.


Like many island cities, the tourism ratings makes Male a good place to fly to for passenger operations. Male is in a pretty good spot to connect to many nearby Asian cities (e.g. Seoul and Tokyo). Long ranged routes are possible but not recommended due to the unstable tourism ratings. Cargo operations should be avoided as the low business ratings mean that revenue, even from large cities like Mumbai or Kuala Lumpur, will be very limited. Passenger planes flying into this city should minimise the number of business and first class seats as low business ratings would mean fewer passengers are willing to pay for such seats. Competition should be avoided if possible as the city may not be able to support any form of competition.

Ibrahim Nasir International Airport often does not acquire a status beyond a level 3 or 4 due to its unpopularity among players. Due to this, players should never consider buying over this airport from the national government. Second or third airports are also practically useless in Male and should also never be considered for construction by any players who values credits and cash.

The best planes to small cities with high tourism ratings are the passenger aircraft with medium capacity of any range with high satisfaction. Examples include the Boeing 707, McDonnell Douglas MD-90 and the Airbus A310. Flights to small sized cities with limited tourism ratings should use only small capacity aircraft like the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and the Bombardier CRJ Family. Cargo operations generally should not be run here. But if a player is adamant on running cargo from and to this city, then only small capacity planes should be used to minimise depreciation. Examples include the Boeing 737F. McDonnell Douglas DC-9-32F and the Antonov An-24.

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