Manaus is a city in northern Brazil situated on the banks of the Amazon River. The city was a host venue of the 2014 FIFA World Cup held in Brazil. Both business and tour rating of the city start in the early 100s at the start of the game but can inflate to the early 200s by the end of the game.


The default airport for Manuaus is the Eduardo Gomes International Airport (MAO)


Manaus is located strategically between North and South America, with it being 5000km from major cities such as Atlanta and Buenos Aires. Manaus is rather isolated for short range routes however so planes such as the Dash-8 and 737s  are not recommended. Planes such as B707s and B757s are perfect as their medium range and capacity can reach the southern US and South America and will have high occupancy. Larger aircraft such as the B747 are not recommended as they will not be filled with the city's lower stats. The national airport can support the traffic of the city and rarely reaches level 6 towards the end so it is recommended to spend your credits elsewhere. Any secondary or additional airports are unnecessary.

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