Maputo is a small to medium sized city located in Mozambique. The city is the capital and largest city in Mozambique as well as being the only city in the game to be from that country. Maputo has low business ratings that range from between 50 and 150, but have higher tourism ratings that range from between 100 and 200.


Maputo is a very unpopular city for players to fly to, let alone make a hub in due to its low ratings. This often leaves the city devoid of any scheduled flights from any airlines. Competition is non-existent as a result, but the city is not able to sustain any competitors if any came by. Maputo is also rather isolated from many large cities as although flights from within the continent can be made such as to Johannesburg, Monrovia and Cairo. Once these flights have been made, routes to more highly rated cities in Asia, Europe and South America require long ranged planes, which are expensive and often not worth the trips to Maputo. Because of the city's drawbacks, beginners are not advised to start here and to consider other cities in Africa or in other continents.

Maputo International Airport is often empty can never be upgraded beyond its initial status of a level 2. This makes the airport a very poor choice for purchase from the national government. Because of the virtually zero demand for slots, additional airports are deemed useless and a waste of credits. Thus, players should avoid constructing any secondary or tertiary airports in Maputo.

Because of the low business ratings, players are advised to limit the number of first and business class seats on flights to Maputo. When flying to large sized cities, players are advised to use only medium capacity planes such as the Boeing 767, Airbus A310 and the Tupolev Tu-204. Flights to small sized cities are best serviced by small capacity planes such as the Boeing 737, Airbus A320 and the Ilyushin IL-114. Large capacity and expensive long ranged planes are not recommended as these planes come with high depreciation rates that will quickly devalue airlines.

Vital statistics
Airport Name Maputo International Airport
Business 50-150
Tourism 100-200
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