The McDonnell Douglas MD-11 is an American made medium to long haul flight widebody trijet. It is based of the DC-10, and has a stretched fuselage and increased range. Notably, the MD-11 design features winglets. It was introduced in 1990. The plane was stopped production in the late 1990's, because it was a direct competitor to the 777, as well as not becoming the success McDonnel Douglas wanted it to be, because Boeing had recently merged with McDonnel Douglas via a stock swap. 200 were built. The MD-11 has proven itself a very useful cargo aircraft, with all MD-11s in service today being cargo aircraft due to KLM's retiring of it's last MD-11 in DEC 2014. It has overcome some landing problems, as seen in 2 Fedex incidents. In game, there are two variants of the MD-11.

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