Medan is a large city with moderate buisness and tour ratings that usually sits on 120-250. It's a perfect place to use as a stopover as this city has good ratings to be used for a stopover point.


This airport appears at 1974. So you might need to focus on other cities before using this for your destenation, after the airport is constructed. Use B767's or B757's for long-haul and B737's or A320's for short-haul when connecting your hubs to this city. The airport on this city will not reach maximum slot usage and the airport wouldn't grow up to Level 3 or more. Don't build any secondary airports as the main airport could handle it and it's a complete waste of credits exept if the player doesn't value credits.


  • On ATO/AT3 the airport name is Polonia Airport which is the former airport of Medan while on ATO2/AT4 to ATO3/AT5 the airport name is Kualanamu International Airport which is the current airport of Medan.
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