Memphis is a medium to large sized city located in USA. It has high business ratings that exceed 250 and sometimes 300. Tourism ratings fall in the moderate range of around 150 to 200.


The default airport here is Memphis International Airport (MEM).


The high business rating makes this an excellent place for cargo operations. This city is a great alternative to some of the larger cities nearby as competition is far less and more manageable. Passenger routes can also be formed here can one can be also prepare more first and business class seats as the number of travellers for these seats are high due to the business ratings. The city can be used for domestic flights as well as long distance flights to Europe and South America. Starting here is recommended for those who prefer less competition.

Having a second airport here is rather uncommon, as the first airport is unlikely to reach full capacity throughout the whole game. So, building the second airport here is not recommended. However, buying the national airport is advisable as the airport can attain level 6 or 7 in the 1990s, which can bring in huge profits despite the additional credit cost.

The best passenger aircraft to use here are of any range and of medium to large capacity. Examples include the Boeing 777-200, Airbus A300-600 and the Ilyushin IL-96-300. Small aircraft can be used but only on routes to smaller to medium sized cities are recommended as flights to other cities may require more than one aircraft, which might not be so economically viable. Recommended cargo aircraft are the ones with medium capacity like the Airbus A310F, and the Antonov An-70. Larger aircaft like the McDonnell Douglas MD-11F can be used, but only to larger cities.

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