Moscow is a large city located in western Russia. As the capital and the largest city of the country, Moscow has high business ratings that range from between 250 and 350 and even higher tourism ratings that range from 300 and 450. The city will host the the 1980 Summer Olympic Games and the number of travellers going in and out of the city will increase greatly during the month of the Games.


Moscow is a pretty popular city for many players as a hub and as a destination. The high ratings can attract many airlines and this leads to fierce competition among rivals as they try to gain an edge in the price war. Moscow can cope with the competition, but beginners are advised to avoid the city as a hub as the inexperience in dealing with competitors will affect the growth of an airline in a significant way. Moscow is, however, well positioned to make many profitable routes to cities in Asia (e.g. Beijing and New Delhi), Europe (e.g. Amsterdam and Rome) and Africa (e.g. Alexandria and Tripoli). It is recommended that players fly to medium sized cities such as Palermo, Toulouse, Glasgow and Doha as players have a better chance of maintaining a monopoly and hence, a greater income compared to a route to a large city filled in with competitors.

Domodedovo International Airport will often attain maximum slot usage within 10 to 15 years into the game. This means that additional airports will become necessary when the principal airport is no longer able to meet the huge demand for slots in the city. Building the additional airports here is recommended as the secondary or tertiary airports stand a great chance to achieve a high status before the game ends. Purchasing Domodeovo Airport from the national government is also a good option as the airport gives huge profits to whoever owns it.

Like most major cities, many of the routes to large cities are often under some form of competition. To deal with it, aircraft with a large capacity and a high satisfaction such as the Airbus A380 and the Boeing 747 are recommended. For flights to small and medium sized cities, medium capacity planes such as the Boeing 757, Airbus A310, Tupolev Tu-154 and the Ilyushin IL-86 are advised. Small capacity planes are not recommended on any routes due to the planes likely not being able to meet the demand of the route and multiple planes will be needed to service the routes which will lead to increased depreciation.

Airport Data
Airport Name Domodedovo International Airport
Business 250-350
Tourism 300-450
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