Napoli is a city located in Italy. The city has a medium business rating between 100 and 200, but high tourism ratings between 150 and 250.


The default airport is Napoli Airport (NAP).


Napoli is located in a very good location in Europe, with connections to the Americas easily done and many possible routes to European cities. The city has very good tourism ratings and can make a lot of profit on monopoly routes to major cities. Cargo routes are discouraged to the relatively low business ratings. Generally, the city can sustain mild to mderate competition.

Napoli Airport rarely obtains a status above Level 4 or 5. As such, it is not recommended to buy the airport. Additional airports are essentially a waste of cash and credits and should not be built.

As expected, small planes should not be used on high-passenger routes since they may require 2 planes to transport all the passengers, thus depreciating airline value. Use medium planes instead for these routes; large planes should be used to more distant cities.

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