Nashville is a small sized city located in the central portion of USA. The city has low to moderate business and tourism ratings that range from between 80 and 180 each. The business ratings are usually slightly higher than the tourism ratings.


The default airport here is Nashville International Airport (BNA).


The current name was adopted by the airport in 1988. Prior to this, the airport was named Berry Field, from which its IATA code is derived.


Nashville's low ratings will usually turn many people away from opening a hub or flying here at all. This makes the city have very little competition. It's location in the USA allows for many flights to be made to cities in the Western United States (e.g. Los Angeles and Seattle), South America (e.g. Sao Paulo and Bogota) and Europe (e.g. Glasgow and Barcelona). Beginners are neither advised or discouraged from opening their first hub here as several disadvantages do exist here. Firstly, the city's low ratings limits profits and will also result in a slow growth of an airline. Secondly, the ratings also mean that Nashville cannot sustain any form of competition, so players have to be prepared to suspend routes if necessary. Players must consider these features carefully as the drawbacks may sometimes outweigh the benefits if a decision is made rashly.

Nashville International Airport often fail to achieve a status beyond a level 2 or 3 in many games due to its unpopularity with players. The lack of demand for slots also means any additional airports would serve no purpose other than wasting credits. Hence, players are strongly advised not to consider buying or building any airport here in this city unless the airline wishes to privatise it for its own personal use.

For flights to medium and large sized cities, an aircraft should have a medium capacity and useful examples are the Boeing 767, Airbus A300 and Lockheed L-1011. Flights to small sized cities should only be serviced by small sized planes such as the Boeing 737, Airbus A320, McDonnell Douglas MD-90 and the Ilyushin IL-18D. Avoid large aircraft as the amount of cargo or passenger will never be enough to fill the entire plane. Since excess room makes no money, high maintenance costs will often overshadow your limited profits and will cause a spike in depreciation of an airline.

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